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Your membership in AWF’s Catalyst Society strengthens the network of comprehensive services offered to economically vulnerable women in the metro Atlanta community, helping to move them to economic self-sufficiency and security. Catalyst Society Members fund strategic grantmaking driven by our collective impact model, helping lift more women and girls out of poverty. Your giving helps fund the cohorts to enable our grantee partners’ success. Memberships begin with $1,000 in cumulative support.

Catalyst Society Membership Levels

Each level includes the preceding level’s benefits.

Catalyst Member

$1,000 to $2,499 

  • A Catalyst Society member pin.
  • Name recognition in an annual impact report.
  • Name recognition on the AWF website.

Empowerment Leader

$2,500 to $9,999

  • Invitation to attend a mission-related event. (during COVID, events will be limited to virtual experiences)
  • Personalized annual impact report.

Pathway Visionary

$10,000 & Above 

  • Special recognition at AWF events.
  • Customized funding opportunities available.

*Gifts are cumulative through each calendar year (January 1-December 31).

Catalyst Society Members

Gifts received during calendar year 2020.

Pathway Visionary

Kristin R. Adams

Elizabeth K. Blake, Esq.

Delia Cochran

Edie Cofrin

Cari K. Dawson

Deborah L. Goodman

Etta Raye Hirsch

Sarah Howard

Meredith Leapley

Dr. Linah A. Neighbors and Mr. Matthew B. Jollay

Susan Puett

Becky Schmitt

K. Michele Sims

Bentina Chisolm Terry

John and Sue Wieland

Mr. John Wieland Jr.

Empowerment Leader

Carolyn Zander Alford

Claire Lewis Arnold

Stephanie Friese Aron

Dr. Juliet Asher and Mr. Michael Golden

Alice H. Ball

Fiona Bell

Elizabeth Brill

Lisa Brill

Staci Brill

Susana Maria Chavez

Ann W. Cramer

Diane Durgin

Ilene Engel

Stein Family

Tamara Farley

Steven Fisher

Mr. David Garrison and Dr. Martha Garrison

Lori Gelchion

Rhonda Gibby

Mary C. Gill

Roberta (Bobbie) Golden, Ph.D.

Libby Gozansky

Margaret Graff

Nancy D. Halwig

Jennifer Hightower

Nicole Hill

Becky Powhatan Kelley

John L. Latham

Sally McDaniel

Caroline E. Moise

Elizabeth Hardy Noe

Salitha and Gin Reddy

Sujatha Reddy M.D.

Rohith Reddy

Dr. Damoder Pati Reddy and Soumitri Reddy

Louise S. Sams

Beth S. Schapiro, Ph.D.

Donna E. Schwartz

Anne Joyner Sheehan

Ellen W. Smith

Lucy Carpenter Vance

Mark D. Wasserman

Krystal Zell

Catalyst Member

Reverend Joanna M. Adams

HB Woody Alderman

Charles Alderman

Tamera Alexander

Judy and Dick Allison

Enrique Alvarez

Carolann Andrew

Dr. Sharon Lea Aukerman

Heather Baldino

Margaret Balzer

Ms. Shannon Baxter

Ronald and Wendy Bell

Sue Binder and Jeffrey J. Sacks

Janet Bittner

Kerby Blackmon

Allison Bohannon

Holly Bradford

Heather D. Brown

Candace Carson

Jeff Cashdan

Britt G. Chandler

Carol Chen

Melanie Cook-McCant

Carol Z. Cooper

Triska Drake and G. Kimbrough Taylor

Dr. Ina Enoch

Terrence Evans

Dr. Gail Flanigan

Catherine Fox

Gayle Freeauf

Francesca D. Gary

Katie S. Goodman

Leanne Gould

Tawanna Grant

Ashley Gravlee

Julie B. Hairston

Cynthia and Kentry Harbor

Susan Hawkins

Robert and Jennifer Hays

Michal Hart Hillman

Candice Hogan

Dominique Holloman

Heather Holzworth

Rachel Insoft

Michael Johnston

Sophia Jones

Thomas Jones

Susan Joseph

Austin Jowers

Susan Ker-Seymer

Dorothy Yates Kirkley

Kimberly Kitchens

Jenny Lambert

John C. Lee

Mark and Patricia Maloney

Colleen McBride,Ph.D.

Erin McCandless

Letitia A. McDonald

Sheryl Meddin

Margaret N. Mermin, M.D.

Glenda Blum Minkin

Susan Walters Morris

Terry Morris

Faith Knight Myers

Chrystal Neely

Leslie Nunn

LaShonda and Coleman Oglesbee

Regina Olchowski

Marco A. Palmieri

Ganesh R. Panneer

Ray Persons

Joanna Price

Drew A. Putt

Lativia Ray-Alston

Michelle and Kipp Reck

Bethany M. Rezek

Aquaria Richardson-Smith

William G. Roche

Sabrina Sexton

Nishta Sharma

Charlie Simpson

Polly B. Simpson*

Jeffrey Small

Becky Stephens

Jarrett Stieber

Amanda Sutter

Julie Swanger

Judith G. Taylor

Lisa Cannon Taylor

Beverly D. Thomas

Emily Trautner

Rick Trautner

Betsy Vos Reeves

Blaise Warren

Shelli Willis

Vanessa Windham

Shalini Wittstruck

Angela Yarbrough