Catalyst Society


Your membership in AWF’s Catalyst Society strengthens the network of comprehensive services offered to economically vulnerable women in the metro Atlanta community, helping to move them to economic self-sufficiency and security. Catalyst Society Members fund strategic grantmaking driven by our collective impact model, helping lift more women and girls out of poverty. Your giving helps fund the cohorts to enable our grantee partners’ success. Memberships begin with $1,000 in cumulative support.

Catalyst Society Membership Levels

Each level includes the preceding level’s benefits.

Catalyst Member

$1,000 to $2,499 

  • A Catalyst Society member pin.
  • Name recognition in an annual impact report.
  • Name recognition on the AWF website.

Empowerment Leader

$2,500 to $9,999

  • Invitation to a grantee check presentation event.
  • 1 Women on Board workshop registration (transferable).
  • Personalized impact report.

Pathway Visionary

$10,000 & Above 

  • Invitation to attend an intimate grantee event.
  • Recognition (signage) at all AWF events.
  • Customized funding opportunities available.

*Levels include unrestricted gifts not associated with event ticket sale, table hosts and sponsorships as benefits are received at events. Event fund-the-mission donations and event leadership societies are included.

*Gifts are cumulative through each calendar year (January 1-December 31).

Catalyst Society Members

Gifts not associated with event sponsorships or tickets received between 1/1/18-12/31/18

Pathway Visionary

Alice H. Ball

Elizabeth K. Blake, Esq.

Edith D. Cofrin

Mary C. Gill

Deborah L. Goodman

Etta Raye Hirsch

Marcia Miller

Elizabeth Hardy Noe

Louise S. Sams

Becky Schmitt

Mark D. Wasserman

John and Sue Wieland

Empowerment Leader

Kristin R. Adams

Susan M. Antinori

Margaret Balzer

Marcy A. Bass

Vicki S. Benjamin

Janine Brown

Molly Burke

Roberto Calderon

Melinda Duryea

Ina and Harold Enoch

Stacey Gorman

Julie B. Hairston

Jennifer W. Hightower

Sarah Howard

Becky Powhatan Kelley

Dorothy Yates Kirkley

Mary Larkin and Marianne Cordora

Shaney Lokken

Letitia A. McDonald

Teresa A. Nienow

Susan Puett

Leslie Schneider

Katherine Scott

Jodi Selvey

Sabrina Sexton

Laura Turner Seydel

Timothy E. Sheehan

Karon Shouse

K. Michele Sims

Rebecca Stephens

Judith G. Taylor

Lisa Cannon Taylor

Bentina Chisolm Terry

Christine Tryba-Cofrin and David H. Cofrin


AWF Catalyst

Leah Aldridge

Tamera Alexander

Judy and Dick Allison

Claire Lewis Arnold

Heather Baldino

Elizabeth Bannister

Janet Barnard

Ms. Shannon Baxter

Karen E. Bennett

Sue Binder and Jeffrey J. Sacks

Janet Bittner

Kimberly Bocian

Cory and John Boydston

Pat and Carey Brazell

Debra Bronder

Kathe E. Brown

Janine Brown

Kathe E. Brown

Jami Buck-Vance

Anna and Fuller Callaway

Jill Campbell

Susana Maria Chavez

Monetha Cobb

Shantelle Cooper

Ann O. Craig

Ann and Jeff Cramer

Suzanne Detlefs

Fran Dixon

Jennifer Dorian

Triska Drake and G. Kimbrough Taylor

Eleanor Edmondson

Vanessa and Michael Erbrick

Margaret Evans

Catherine Fox

Shirley Mitchell Ferrell

Adrienne Findley

Catherine Fox

Jerry Gahlhoff

Lori Gelchion

Lisa Hirsch Greenberg

Kimberly S. Greene

Kristie Greer

Sara Guevara

Melissa Hall

Kelly Harper

Jennifer Heal, CFP

Jane Hiatt

Elizabeth Holder

Maxine Hichs

Elizabeth Holder

Patricia Hull

Natalie Huyghe

William Jennings

Dana Jackson

William Jennings

Marsha S. Johnson

Susan Joseph

Lenore and Alvin Katz

Daniel Keenan

Dawn Killenberg

Ann Klamon

Danica Kombol

Carrie Kurlander

Jenny Lambert

Fran Levine

Stephanie Mains

J Larry McDaniel

Linda McMurray

Amy Medendorp

Michael Nies

Monica Nixon

Dr. Shelia T. Payton

Monica Kaufman Pearson

Carrie Plietz

Robin Pollack

Juliette W. Pryor

Quyen Quach

Tracy Rathbone

Stephanie Rauls

Sujatha Reddy M.D.

Nicole Remillard

Bethany M. Rezek

Rebecca Crumrine Rieder

Barbara Roden

Cindy E. Ross

Lauren Rudick

Angela Santone

Bethany Schneider

Kashi Sehgal

Meredith Shearer

Gabrielle Sheely

Alina Singer

Theia Smith

Ellen Smith

Lauren Spangler

Dr. Beverly Tatum

Jonathan Tovani

Betsy Vos Reeves

Ankur Vyas

Emma Jane Waddell

Shelli Willis

Debora Wilson

Angela Yarbrough