Attend an Event


Events provide critical support to The Atlanta Women's Foundation's mission. In addition to being a source of revenue, events are one of the most effect ways to introduce new people to the work of AWF as well as build awareness about the issues affecting women and girls in our community. Events bring members of the community together, which helps build and strengthen our networks.


Numbers Too Big To Ignore is The Atlanta Women's Foundation's annual fundraising luncheon to support programs for women and girls. The event attracts 1,800 people who are interested in creating a healthier community by lifting up women and girls.

Women in Finance for Sustainability is the Atlanta financial and investment community’s annual fundraiser to support the work of The Atlanta Women’s Foundation.

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Women in Healthcare is the annual fundraiser hosted by women in the healthcare and medical community to support our work at The Atlanta Women's Foundation.

Women in Law is the Atlanta legal community's annual fundraiser to support our work at The Atlanta Women's Foundation.