Rebuilding Women Initiative

AWF is committed to ensuring women and girls in our communities are not left behind. We choose to challenge the negative affect of the COVID-19 pandemic on women by providing funding and support to the nonprofit organizations that are helping women to eliminate barriers and lead healthy, safe, and economically self-sufficient lives.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected women. The unemployment rate for all Georgia women doubled from 3 percent before the pandemic to 6 percent, and women of color have been most impacted. As of December 2020, 1 in 4 child care providers remained closed and remote learning continues to challenge women and girls in our community. Instead of the growing progress we had been seeing for women in metro Atlanta, the pandemic is setting women back months if not years.

At AWF, we are committed to helping women build back their lives. In an effort to address the needs of nonprofit organizations serving women impacted by COVID-19, AWF has established the Rebuilding Women Initiative.

Through the Rebuilding Women Initiative, AWF aims to build upon the progress of the 2020 COVID-19 Grantee Relief Fund and address the intersecting barriers women and girls face in the wake of the pandemic.

The Rebuilding Women Initiative will enable women and girls to have access to mental and physical healthcare, as well as vaccine education.

Additionally, women will receive mortgage relief, rent, utilities, and grocery assistance to prevent homelessness. Women will have access to safe, quality childcare so they can keep their jobs. Women and girls will have safe shelter so they will not be in danger of abuse or other harm.

All of these women cannot be helped without a strong support system. The nonprofit organizations, our grantee partners, are the support systems for these women and girls. It is our goal that nonprofit staff have access to mental health and wellbeing care so they have the ability to continue to offer services during this critical time.

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2020 COVID-19 Grantee Relief Fund Outcomes:

Women living at or below 200% of federal poverty guidelines had access to housing and shelter, financial assistance, healthcare, or employment opportunities.
Received healthcare services including, but not limited to, chronic care management, mental health care, reproductive care, general vaccinations, and COVID-19 testing.
Received financial assistance for housing, utilities, and groceries.
Of women served were African American/Black. 31% of women served were Latina.

2020 COVID-19 Relief Fund Grantees