Sue Wieland Award

Sue Wieland Embracing Possibility Award

“What you keep you lose and only what you give remains your own” – Sue Wieland 

In 2006, Sue Wieland and her husband John made a $1 million gift to the Foundation. That generosity continues to be honored with the annual Sue Wieland Embracing Possibility Award. The award is a special grant of $10,000 given annually to one of our grantee partner organizations. The selected organization demonstrates outstanding ability to make significant change in the lives of women and girls through their ongoing work and by using an example of one individual that the organization sees as a shining example of their program.


2016 Sue Wieland Embracing Possibility Award Winner

Veterans Empowerment Organization (VEO)
& Shining Example Lucille Overton



The 2016 Sue Wieland Embracing Possibility Award winner is Veterans Empowerment Organization of Georgia (VEO) and the shining example is Lucille Overton. The mission of VEO is to enhance the quality of life for all veterans on their road to self-sufficiency. The goal of VEO is to provide a safe, supportive environment where veterans can sustain their recovery and start on their path to rebuild their lives. VEO’s programs and services encourage veterans to achieve sustained independence and financial self-sufficiency by obtaining employment.

My Story
by Lucille Overton

I became homeless due to spousal abandonment, loss of my job and was subsequently evicted from my home. Through the help of VEO and its partners, I was able to secure safe housing for
my family, connect to benefits, save money, learn budgeting skills, and obtain employment, so we could live self-sufficiently. VEO is committed to transitioning homeless veterans and their families to self-sufficiency. With help from VEO, I have used the tools and skills I discovered I already had, and with their help established a wonderful new life for myself and my children.