Promoting Women’s Mental Health & Wellbeing Project

It is AWF’s role to serve as an educator, funder and convener on critical issues such as how mental health impacts women in our community. Women impacted by poverty are twice as likely to suffer from mental illness. Without access to the services needed, these women are unable to accomplish the goals they are trying to achieve to become economically self-sufficient. AWF applies a collective impact approach to the Promoting Women’s Mental Health & Wellbeing Initiative. This collective impact model involves a structured process that leads to a common agenda, shared measurement, and continuous communication among the cohort.

Since 2015, AWF has awarded $500,000 to ten non-profit organizations providing mental and behavioral health services to women impacted by poverty. The objective of this initiative was focused on providing access to mental health services to 4,000 women living at or below 200% of federal poverty guidelines. The initiative has proven to be very successful thus far, exceeding four of the two-year impact goals in year one.

The goal of AWF is to strengthen the network of nonprofits providing effective, comprehensive services and eliminating systemic barriers impacting economically vulnerable women and girls.

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AWF is grateful to Kaiser Permanente of Georgia for their support of the Promoting Women’s Mental Health & Wellbeing Project.

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