Job: Fertile Ground Mentoring (Atlanta)

Title Fertile Ground Mentoring (Atlanta)
Categories Mentoring, Youth
Start Date 2017-08-14
End Date 2018-01-12


Contact Information

Organization Name:
Fertile Ground Mentoring (Atlanta)

Contact Name:
Vera Stenhouse


(404) 321-0808



About the Organization

Type of Organization:
Youth mentoring (females/girls). Our purpose is to nurture and empower young women.

The mission of Fertile Ground is to nurture and empower young women. Specifically, we seek to deliver a high-quality mentoring program that supports young women in developing positive self-images and inspiring them to be extraordinary individuals.

Briefly describe the organization’s primary programs and activities.
The program is primarily concerned with young women being engaged in activities and annual themes based on the following 5 pillars:

  • Planting seeds of knowledge, which consists of enhancing life skills through workshops;
  • Strengthening the roots, which entails developing charter and integrity via a variety of enrichment experiences, including an annual banquet with specially selected guest speakers;
  • Cultivating creativity through the arts, which has manifested in outings to performance and field trips to artist spaces to participate in art-making (visual and performance);
  • Growing through giving back, whereby our young women develop a spirit to service to others in the community through service-oriented activities including visits to elders, veterans, individuals who do not have consistent homes, and so forth; and
  • Harvesting the rewards features time spent on teaching the importance of setting and achieving personal goals. Creating “visions boards” has been one of activities that reflect this pillar.

As a result of ongoing mentoring and program activities, we seek two long-term goals:
One is to support young women develop the knowledge, awareness, skills, and capacities to have a positive impact on their development as extraordinary individuals as well as positively affect their families, peers, and communities. With our ongoing feedback loops and staying connected with young women beyond their tenure in the program, we learn of the positive ways that participating in Fertile Ground has nurtured their development.

Our second goal involves the mentors, as they too are shaped by and are shapers of the Fertile Ground experience. We aim for mentors to benefit personally, emotionally, and professionally from their service to nurturing and empowering young women.

Organization’s Staff Size:
1 Executive Director, 1 Program Coordinator, and our volunteers – all are currently unpaid staff.

Organization’s Annual Budget:

Year the organization was founded:


About the Board of Directors

Top 3-5 skills that you are looking for in potential board members:

  1. Fundraising
  2. Marketing (with Social Media expertise)
  3. Financials/Accounting

Current board size:
5 members

How many new board members are you seeking?
5 members

Minimum or average financial contribution expected of board members:

How often does the board meet?
Monthly 2 hour meetings with 2 all day retreats

Are members expected to participate in committees?

What is the time commitment for committee participation?
Ranges from 1-5 hours per month. Manageable with commitment, communication, and organization.

Estimated total time commitment required:
7 hours per month which includes Board meetings, committee tasks and action items, and does not include expected attendance to 2 key functions throughout the programming year (e.g., a program event and annual banquet).

Length of term of board service:
3 years (with eligibility for 1 successive sequential term)


Additional Information

Will the board face any special circumstances in the next year or two (endowment campaigns, executive transitions, etc.)?
The Board will soon be in transition with its membership as three are slated to off-Board currently and two are eligible to off-Board next year. Currently, we have two main foci- to build our Board membership capacity and to build our fundraising platform, programmatically and as a Board. While we have certain opportunities in place, we need to secure committed, knowledgeable, and skilled members willing to be a part of our momentum in continuing to build on Fertile Ground’s successful 14 years and subsequent expansion.

Is there any additional information you would like to provide?
Please find attached our one-page schedule of events planned for 2017-2018. If anyone is at all interested in attending, please contact us in advance and we would be glad to facilitate your interest.